Ear Pinning Surgery for Men, Women and Children

Ear pinning surgery for men, women or children (also known as otoplasty) is a type of cosmetic surgery that is used to bring the ears closer to the head, and to make them less prominent. Positive Health Wellness In ear pinning surgery, the cartilage of the ear is reshaped.

There are a number of cosmetic things that can make ears appear different.

Lop ears – Sometimes the upper part of the ear flops down (lop ears).
Large ears – Sometimes the ears are too large with too much cartilage.
Protruding ears – Sometimes the ears protrude from the head.
Large ear lobes – Sometimes the ear lobes are too large in proportion to the rest of the ear.
Otoplasty can correct these conditions, if someone is really bothered by them and wants to go through with plastic surgery. The surgery can be performed on adult men and women. It can also be performed on teenagers and children, generally over the age of six.

During the surgery, an incision is made in the crease behind the ears. This is done to minimize the scarring. The ears and the cartilage are reshaped and repositioned, and then bandaged. The bandage is in place for about a week, and you would then use a protective headband for several weeks more. Adults may have the surgery under local anesthesia. Children may need general anesthesia. If done for purely cosmetic reasons, the cost is generally not covered by insurance. You should avoid excessive physical activity for about a month.

Ear Pinning Surgery Costs
The cost for ear pinning or otoplasty can range from $3000 to $6000. This cost will vary depending on your location. The cost will also depend on the surgeon. This is considered to be very serious surgery. So don’t consider this without examining many less drastic alternatives. For adults, the cost may be lower if the same surgeon is also doing or has done other cosmetic procedures on the same patient, for example, a face lift or body lift. Ear pinning surgery may also be considered along with other procedures to put features of the face more in proportion with each other, such as a nose job or chin surgery, either augmentation or reduction.

There can be problems of otoplasty including infection and clotting. There are also issues of anesthesia. Make sure you choose a qualified plastic surgeon, one who has a lot of experience in ear pinning surgery. It doesn’t do much good to have a doctor who specializes in thigh lifts or dermabrasion if you are getting cosmetic ear surgery. If this is for a child or teenager, make sure you have a surgeon who is experienced working with children or teens.